There are working groups being formed within COED in 2009. This page links to each group and names each group's Vice-Chair.

Working Group Name
One-year Task(s)
Assessing our own work
Nanda Dimitrov, Western
1. To identify best practices used by teaching centres to assess the work of educational developers, centres and programs, including:
  • methods
  • ways of tracking participants in longitudinal studies (long term impact of programs)
  • strategies for communicating and presenting impact (esp. Qualitative data)
2. To gather and share information on funding sources for assessment research (external)
3. To share literature on assessment that inform our practices
4. To share strategies for conducting program assessment with limited budgets (e.g tapping into doctoral students who do research)
5. To discuss strategies for documenting the work of educational developers through centre dossiers and educational developer dossiers
  • Share lessons learned from external reviews of centres
  • Find and share centre dossier templates

eLearning and OUCEL
Aldo Caputo, Waterloo; Giulia Forsythe, Brock
To provide input to COU if COU requests input/information/direction regarding the state of e-learning and educational technology, both in-class and online, including the pedagogical perspective (i.e., advice on the most effective use of technology from a learning perspective).

To provide information and raise awareness within COED of e-learning/educational technology related developments and issues.

To act as a conduit of information with OUCEL.
Potential projects
a. curriculum planning: many institutions are undergoing curriculum reviews; our group could provide guidance on how e-learning and educational technologies can be integrated into curricular planning; how to make effective use of technology for course delivery

b. collection of resources: our group could begin to collect informational resources around the effective use of technology in teaching and learning; and perhaps foster collaboration around the development of new (non-existing) required resources.

i) e.g., collection of "Best Practice" sheets for various technologies

c. assessment of new/emerging technologies

d. provide inservice PD for COED

Create a portal resource for Ontario Universities AND a public way to convey the great activity there is around teaching and learning in higher education in Ontario; a place where we share such things as exemplary practice video clips (narrated) about teaching techniques, disseminate annotated resources from our best collections at teaching centres, highlight engagement in SoTL at Ontario universities, perhaps host collaborations along the lines of SCoPE in BC, and many other possibilities. Even links to our teaching centres would be part of it.
We should also provide some input about best practices, possible uses, and pitfalls from our group.
Demo site running at
College/University Connections
Ruth Rodgers, Durham College;
Denise Stockley, Queen's
To support/increase college/university collaborations and improve pathways between universities and colleges in Ontario, with respect to educational development.
To collect data on existing university/college educational development collaborations in Ontario via a short survey and report back to COED
Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
Maureen Wideman, UOIT
To provide support and create resources for educational development centres who must advise faculty members and TAs on accessibility issues in teaching and learning.
1) Share existing / identify new resources.
2) Build a collection of case studies to inform work with faculty and TAs around accessibility.
3) Design / share strategies for creating "buy-in" among faculty and administrators, and TAs (in other words, how to "spin" instructional design that increases accessibility of course materials and course activities without significantly increasing workload or decreasing intellectual rigour of course content). One possible example: linking course design to degree level expectations.
Curriculum Review Processes
Paola Borin and Bob Parson
Provide and share expertise and resources in program development and evaluation.
Paola and Bob are starting to gather resources and map out short-term activities and will be contacting group members soon. If this is a field of interest, please send us an email indicating that.
Internet links of value to curriculum development are now available.
Next steps include:
  • Communication with members to get feedback on needs and wishes
  • Document sharing
  • Ideas, questions and issues sharing
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Pamela Gravestock
SoTL e-list

Possible face to face meeting around SoTL resource/course building (noting that Ryerson has a Centre for SoTL, Elaine Van Melle has SoTL materials, ask Sue Vajozcki at Mac re: their next SoTL Institute)
Nicola Simmons to create e-list

Nicola Simmons to get back to the group re: possible January meeting date...

Workshop at STLHE on 'creative' approaches to SoTL