November 23, 2012: University of Toronto


November 25, 2011: University of Toronto


November 26, 2010: University of Toronto

The meeting took place as planned.

November 27, 2009; Ryerson University

The meeting took place as planned. Please provide feedback at!
survey: coed2009
password: coed2009

Tentative Agenda was open for discussion and critique until Oct 31st 2009; finalized in early November.

Centre (and Individual Consultant) Updates happened as much as possible in advance. Please CONTINUE to post your one- or two-pager by November 23rd (successes, challenges, goals -- point form is fine)
Note that in 2009, ISW Facilitators will be met the day before the COED meeting, so on Thursday Nov 26. Contact Jill Grose at Brock University for more information.

Twitter feed -- tweet with hashtag #COEDmtg09

November 14, 2008; Ryerson University

The minutes were open to verification until November 21, 2008. They are now complete.

View the flip charts we filled out requesting information, resources, and so on during the interactive session.

See the Agenda and don't forget to contribute your Centre Update! Even past the meeting date, for historical purposes. This year we are trying out Brock's wiki (thanks to Giulia Forsythe and the OUCEL group for lending it to us). The goal is to be more paperless but also to test out that wiki (based on Media Wiki) compared to this one (Wikispaces). So try listing a Challenge or two, some Successes, and Future Goals in your section of the Centre Updates (locate your institution and create the text yourself).

NOTE: The TA/GS Developers met the following day, Nov 15 2008, at the University of Toronto.

June 2008; University of Windsor

Special Meeting at STLHE
View Minutes, Handouts (coming soon-ish)

November 2007; Ryerson University

November 2006; Ryerson University

November 2005; Ryerson University