Terms and acronyms relevant to our work (members: please add links, defs, terms in alpha order)

COU: Council of Ontario Universities (the Presidents and peers)

EDC: Educational Developers Caucus (of the STLHE) (also see the EDC wiki)

GDLEs: Graduate Degree-Level Expectations (by OCGS)

HEQCO: Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario

IATHE: Institute for the Advancement of Teaching in Higher Education (defunct)

ICED: International Consortium of Educational Developers (made up of many organisations, including STLHE, POD, etc.)

IJAD: International Journal for Academic Development (ICED's journal -- our journal!)

OCAV: Ontario Council of Academic Vice Presidents

OCGS: Ontario Council on Graduate Studies

STLHE: Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

UUDLEs: University Undergraduate Degree-Level Expectations (by OCAV)