Elections to be held for the 2009-2010 term during the month of October 2009 with the new Executive to take charge Nov 1st. This may change in future years.

Nominations are closed! for the following positions:
- a Chair (who becomes Past Chair in 2010) and
- a Chair-Elect (who becomes Chair in 2010 and Past Chair in 2011). For this coming term only, Past Chair duties will be filled by committee of senior COED volunteers.

Read the Nominee Biographies here

1. A Chair, who shall arrange meetings, consult with members in the preparation of agendas, distribute agendas at least ten days in advance of meetings and liaise with OCAV and other relevant organisations.

2. An immediate Past-Chair (in the first two years of the existence of COED, this role shall be taken up by a member of the task force charged with the creation of the COED, to be selected by the other COED Members), who shall chair the Nominating Committee and oversee elections.

3. A Chair-Elect who shall perform Secretarial and Communications duties internally, namely maintain a current list of members, maintain minutes of meetings, and organize communications with the Officers and the membership, and who shall fulfill the Chair’s duties should the Chair be unable to or absent.

Vote here with your password (emailed via the ido-ontario discussion list)

Vice-Chairs: volunteers from within the peer community who wish to lead working groups on any given topic (eLearning, College-University ties, curriculum and accessibility, etc.)

Currently we have interest from members of OUCEL to have an eLearning working group, and we have a volunteer to lead a working group on College-University Interactions.