COED updates 2012

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New Initiatives
Brock U

Carleton U

Durham C

Georgian C

U Guelph

Humber ITAL

Lakehead U

McMaster U
  • Host International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) 9th Annual Conference in Oct 2012 – just under 600 delegates
  • Update Desire2Learn platform to version 10, and introduced ePortfolios across campus
  • Ran three ISW’s and one FDW since our last COED meeting in 2011
  • Co-hosted second annual President’s Retreat to gather teaching award winning faculty to a day of conversations and discussions around T&L priorities at Mac
  • Hosted the 3rd Annual Research on Teaching and Learning conference in December, 2011. Over 190 delegates from across the country and abroad.
  • Inaugural Paul R MacPherson Teaching Fellow named (allows winning faculty member to work for a portion of their time (typically over a one-year period) in the Centre for Leadership in Learning, where they complete a T&L project). The project is underway
  • Hosted an OISE B.Ed. intern for one month (April-May) who helped to update and edit our Teaching Assistant’s Guidebook
  • New Graduate Student Certificate Programs in Teaching and Learning developed (based on needs assessment research conducted at McMaster last year). Implementation to begin in January 2013.
  • Piloting two new online elective courses. CLL is involved to learn how we can best support the movement to online teaching and learning
  • Loss of centre director, Sue Vajoczki, to cancer – limited leadership in our centre for the past 11 months
  • Manager hired for the new Faculty & Curriculum Development Centre.
  • Building on our program of Professional Development for Instructors.
  • Beginning the process of course re/design for hybrid and online learning and growing these offerings.
  • Evaluating the recently implemented campus-wide Student Feedback on Courses model and refining it moving forward.
  • Successfully launched the new Canvas LMS (by Instructure) across campus for Fall 2012 - initial training reached approximately 50% of faculty.
  • Heavily engaged in preparation and implementation of the IQAP and new Academic Plan.
  • Supporting curriculum review and development initiatives.
  • Hiring an educational developer to facilitate and support course re/design for hybrid and online learning.
  • Implementing an online registration system for workshops and events.
  • Building a professional development series for instructors teaching with the new Canvas LMS.
  • Supporting two focused curriculum projects -- one is the development of a curriculum matrix (a form of a visual map) for the Industrial Design Program and another is the pilot of faculty/student e-Portfolios as a curriculum development tool.
  • Budget, staffing, space, and resource constraints.
  • Multiple strategic priorities allocated to the Centre and tight timelines.

U Ottawa
  • New Director, Centre for University Teaching
  • New ½ position in graduate curriculum development
  • Launch of two Chairs in University Teaching
  • Promotion of teaching and learning via University-wide campaign featuring ambassadors from each faculty
  • Migration of learning management system to BlackBoard Learn
  • 3rd Summer Institute on Course Design in both French and English
  • Creation of workshops and online resources for Faculty on UID
  • 1-day fall TA orientation with over 650 participants
  • Development of website to support programs under review
  • The continued development of standardized curriculum development processes and procedures
  • Online forum for part-time professors
Queen's U

Ryerson U

U Toronto

U Waterloo
  • New role within our Centre – Katherine Lithgow was promoted to the newly created position of Senior Instructional Developer, Integrative Learning and will liaise closely with our Student Success Office
  • Successfully supported our transition to D2L – ~3,000 course offerings in D2L now
  • Expanded the focus of our Opportunities and New Directions (OND) conference and our recently launched Learning Innovation and Teaching Enhancement (LITE) grants to include both pedagogical scholarship and teaching practices – we have already awarded 12 grants – OND will occur on April 25, 2013, and will feature a “decoding the disciplines” theme
  • Almost 150 graduate students have completed our Fundamentals of University Teaching program since its launch in Winter 2011
  • More than 350,000 visits were made to our website last year – our website design is being overhauled this term to fit with Waterloo’s new web content management system so watch for some changes come December!
  • Engaged in more than 8,000 consultations with 1,300 instructors in the past year
  • In response to the task force report on Innovative Teaching Practices to Promote Deep Learning, Teaching Fellows program launched this term – each Faculty has at least 1 Teaching Fellow (Engineering has named an Associate Dean, Teaching). The Faculties have customized the role according to their needs, but the Fellows have some similar goals to strive towards: facilitating instructor success and innovation, establishing communities of practice regarding teaching and learning, and working collaboratively with our Centre.
  • Community of practice groups on large classes and peer review of teaching
  • Condensed much of our faculty programming into one week this term – will repeat this format
  • Launched new workshop series for new faculty members plus a Learning About Teaching Plan to encourage professional development in teaching and learning throughout the career
  • Looking for more intentional ways to promote our services and better disseminate teaching and learning stories
  • Ongoing uncertainty around faculty-specific and institutional strategic plans – plans are rolling out very slowly so this had stalled our own planning for a while
  • Very slow (read: no) movement from our internal plant operations services to get workshop space renovated to complete our move from last year
Western U
  • Focused on academic integrity as a theme at the 2012 Fall Perspectives on Teaching Conference with Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes from University of Guelph as our keynote speaker.
  • Introduced Mentoring Micro Grant Program to assist new faculty in accessing resources to support their career development.
  • Hosted inaugural Western Institute for Research on Teaching and Learning, a three-day hands-on workshop designed to support faculty in the development of a research project on their own teaching.
  • Created a new online journal called Teaching Innovation Projects (TIPS); published 20 articles by graduate students and have had over 6,000 downloads of articles from as far away as Sweden, Australia and Singapore.
  • Hosted a conference focusing on graduate student mental health and graduate supervision.
  • Offered three ISWs and one FDW
  • Over 4,300 registrants in our 2011-12 programs which ranged in length from 2 to 40 hours.
  • Academic Integrity Survey of faculty, students and graduate students in October 2012. This will be a ten year follow up of the Canada wide survey and will provide feedback to the Deans on where we are now on this essential issue.
  • Developing a new faculty learning community on graduate supervision.
  • New purple guide to be published: Western Guide to Working with TAs.
  • Demand for support in curriculum review and renewal exceeds our resources. More and more departments would like us to work with them more directly throughout the review process—facilitating departmental retreats, assisting them with curriculum mapping and working on developing good learning outcomes and pedagogically sound assessment tools, plus faculty would like to rely on us to review the materials they submit, etc. Given our current staffing complement, we can only act in a consultative manner.
Wilfrid Laurier U

Windsor U

York U

COED updates 2011

Please find the table summarizing this year's centre updates below. Beneath the table you should find the original submissions, intact and preserved with tender care.

Institution, Centre

New Initiatives

Brock University
Centre for Teaching, Learning & Educational Technolgoies
  • CTLET is partnering or taking the lead on many new initiatives (online learning, copyright, service learning, faculty events, curriculum review) (see challenges).
  • Continue to expand workshop series and programming including a number of new workshops brokered through outreach to the Faculties (see new initiatives).
  • Tribute to Teaching, held annually for the past 7 years, is a celebration of teaching. Awards are conferred (Early Career, Teaching Large Classes, Sessional teaching) and the event also showcases an address by our Brock University Distinguished Teaching award recipient.
  • The Centre grows in terms of resources and staffing (1 full time hire for sakai support and 2 new part time hires for TA support). (see challenges re space!)
  • Assumed responsibility for the development of online learning across the University.
  • In collaboration with the Library, CTLET assumed responsibility for educating the Brock community on copyright issues and fair dealing t
  • Workshop program for International TAs.
  • Narrative Institute hosted in August 2011 was facilitated by Glenys Wilson Boutlbee from Catalyst Consulting in Alberta. We subsequently formed a Narrative Learning community
  • Faculty development workshop, scheduled for December 2011, entitled The Slow Professor, led by Profs. Barbara Seeber and Maggie Berg from Queens U, builds on a CAUT survey that found most academics were highly stressed and proposes way to slow down in academia.
  • David DiBattista, Faculty member in Psychology, joins the CTLET as a Faculty Associate responsible for assessment and evaluation.
  • Karen Burke da Silva, Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning, School of Biology, Flinders University, Adelaide, Southern Australia is scheduled for December 12, to offer a workshop (co-sponsored by Faculty of Maths and Science and CTLET) on Transition from a traditional lecture-based first year biology course to an interactive inquiry-based course.
  • DLES and GDLES: Helping departments think about their programs and their curriculum, and in terms of learning outcomes and expectations.
  • SPACE – Our mandate is expanding and we have no space. New hires are virtually “virtual”

Carleton University,
Educational Development Centre
  • Sustained interest in faculty certificate program
  • Expanding certificate program for contract instructors
  • Expanding TA mentorship program
  • Offered certificates in teaching and educational technology in Rwanda
  • Developed online options for TA training
  • Inclusion in all major University initiatives
  • Preparing to Teach -- 8-week teaching program for PhD students
  • Faculty retreat on multiple choice item development
  • Three new teaching awards -- one with Provost's office, called "Provost's Fellows"
  • ID support to help faculty develop online courses
  • Peer observations for TAs
  • New TA website with pedagogical support
  • Balancing time commitments
  • Alternatives to "the clock"
  • Trepidation from faculty and TAs in pursuing active training
  • Creativity in balancing resource demands
  • Budget cuts

University of Guelph,
Centre for Open Learning and Educational Support
  • Supporting curriculum committees re learning outcome and continuous improvement plans
  • Collaborating with AVPA's office to create guide to developing and assessing learning plans
  • Creating online journal to coincide with 25th anniversary of Teaching and Learning Innovations conference
  • Began 3-year collaborative project with Learning Outcomes Educational Support group to develop snazzy new resources
  • Started social media strategy with Twitter and Facebook
  • Piloted Cross-Cultural Teaching Program for TAs who see themselves as from minority backgrounds
  • Started first community of practice
  • New program for faculty: Educational Leadership in Teaching Excellence
  • Major changes -- merged with Office of Open Learning, changed name, new staff, lost staff, new director

Lakehead University,
Instructional Development Centre
  • Hosted first "Teaching and Learning Week" - -4 workshops, lecture by winner of Distinguished Instructor Award, opening of Learning Commons
  • 5th Annual Teaching and Learning Symposium -- keynote by Frank Robinson
  • Next Teaching and Learning Week in December
  • New alternative to Graduate Student Teaching Practicum: Graduate Student Teaching Workshop Option. Attend 8 workshops, write a critical reflection, create teaching philosophy. Get a letter of recognition. Intended to reach those with less time.
  • Difficult to develop, enhance, sustain programming when you're the only employee!

OCAD University,
Centre for Innovation in Art and Design Educat
  • Founded Centre for Innovation in Art & Design Education which includes Academic Support Services for Students and the Faculty and Curriculum Development Centre (collocated) as well as the Office of Continuing Studies
  • Initiated a program of Professional Development for Instructors
  • Planned and implemented a campus-wide Student Feedback on Courses model
  • Conducted an e-learning technologies review and selection process; currently in first stage of a scaled implementation of a new LMS, Canvas by Instructure
  • Heavily engaged in preparation and implementation of the IQAP and new Academic Plan
  • Curriculum Mapping and e-Portfolio Project
  • Action Research Project on Teaching and Learning by Critique
  • Development of a hybrid course model for Experiential Learning Courses
  • Transforming annual BIG TALK lecture on Teaching and Learning to a one-day conference
  • Uncertain budget
  • Lack of staff
  • Multiple strategic priorities allocated to the Centre and tight timelines

Queen's University,
Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • Expansion of Teaching Development Workshop series
  • Discontinuation of English Language Communication Skills for Teaching Purposes an d English Communication Assessment
  • CTL website change
  • Mazur presentation on "Memorizing or Understanding: Are we teaching the right thing?"
  • Launch of Emerging Leadership Initiative
  • Budget submission
  • Adventures in Active Learning event
  • Teaching Tab on University home page
  • Focus on Diversity program (redesigned)
  • 20th anniversary celebrations -- Jan 16th will be CTL Day, new graphic, launch of Innovation in Teaching prize, Cross-Faculty Teaching Forum
  • Labour action involving two bargaining units
  • New accountability a nd quality assurance frameworks
  • New operational and budgetary processes
  • Continuing financial restraints
  • New academic plan for the University
  • New University Brand
  • New Provost and VP-Academic

University of Toronto,
Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation
  • Navigating Your PATH: Exploring and Supporting Teaching Assistant and Graduate Student Development conference
  • Funding for CTSI space renovations ($1.3 million!)
  • Funding to support SoTL
  • 3 OCUFA awards, 1 3M National Teaching Fellowship
  • Increased and diversified staffing -- Institutional Academic Technology Strategist, Course Evaluation Officer, Assistant to Directors, Faculty Liaison
  • Partnerships with UofT Teaching Academy, Office of the CIO, UofT Libraries, Academic Success Centre, etc.
  • Course Evaluation Framework
  • Course Design Institute
  • Online Modules to Support Instructors
  • Student-Faculty Interactions
  • Communications -- diversified outreach, online modules, etc.
  • Instructional Technology Innovation Fund
  • Strategies to support SoTL
  • Increased requests for CTSI expertise and support

University of Waterloo,
Centre for Teaching Excellence
  • Two new hires -- Instructional Developer, Curriculum and Programming and Instructional Developer, Consulting and Research
  • New office space to bring staff together
Survived transition to Desire2Learn* Implemented new system to track and report on work
  • New grad student programming -- Fundamentals of University Teaching-- as pre-req for Certificate in University Teaching
  • Increased uptake of curriculum services -- 25%+ of faculty members over the year
  • Task Force on Innovative Teaching Practices to Promote Deep Learning
  • New Opportunities and New Directions conference in April 2012
  • Ongoing strategic planning, uncertainty re teaching and learning priorities at each level

University of Western Ontario,
Teaching Support Centre
  • New Centre for Research on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, affiliated with TSS and Faculty of Education
  • Fall Perspectives on Teaching conference -- focused on internationalization, Darla Deardorff keynote
  • New purple guide: The Western Guide to Professional Master's Programs, Gloria Leckie
  • Expanded international TA language workshops
  • Introduced the Instructional Skills Workshop and Facilitators Development Workshop to faculty members at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
  • Hosted four international scholars
  • New purple guide, Working with TAs, due fall 2011
  • New discipline-specific learning communities for TAs in Social Science and Engineering
  • American edition of e-book, Surviving and Thriving in Canadian Academia, completed and will be marketed to US. Canadian edition an international success.
  • Reduction to base operating budget has placed constraints on programming -- two fewer sessions of TA Training Program, cut grad student/post-doc pronunciation course, no new programming for faculty

Wilfrid Laurier University,
Teaching Support Services
  • Communities of Practice focused on different themes have been created, each with a wiki
  • Integrated grad student development opportunities
  • New policy being developed on use of mobile devices in teaching spaces
  • Media Technologies Resources merged with Information Technology Services (former part of TSS)
  • Surveyed students on preferences re: taking courses in summer months
  • Hiring new blended-learning specialist
  • Initiatives to make development and instruction of online courses more transparent.
  • Welcomed first Associate Vice-President of Teaching and Learning (Dr. Pat Rogers)
  • Quality Assurance Office and new position (Manager: Academic Program Development and Review) created within TSS.
  • Four-day new faculty orientation program,Foundations for New Faculty
  • new training room available - renovated in partnership with three other units
  • TSS and reporting subunits - revised mission and mandates statements
  • supporing multi-campus staff, faculty and students with respect to TSS programing, events, initiatives
  • identifying best ways to connect with faculty - just-in-time

University of Windsor,
Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • Annual Celebration of Teaching Excellence -- 200+ participants, 31 award winners
  • Grants to evaluate impact of, and develop new, programs -- $140,00 in provincial and university-level funding, including partnerships with several departments on campus
  • Centred on Learning Innovation Funds -- this year's theme will be open and online learning
  • Increased participation -- 749 unique workshop participants, approximately 2,600 contact hours through workshops; thousands of campus members in one-on-one consultations; record number of participants in graduate courses and half-courses (more than triple the number of faculty and sessionals from previous year)
  • Second cohort of first-level University Teaching Certificate Program graduated in November 2011; second level begins January 2012.
  • 100% of faculty members hired over the last year participated in CTL events
  • 5th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference (in partnership with Oakland University) - -183 participants from 24 institutions in Canada, the US, and Jamaica.
  • GA/TA Network -- a partnership with the Faculty of Graduate Studies. First year saw presentations at several conferences, creation of a blog, Facebook and Twitter presence, and a teaching handbook for GA/TAs, Towards Better Teaching.
  • LMS -- New searchable support, MediaWiki, led to 80,000 views in three months. Upgrading to new version with new features. Survey conducted to assess preferences.
  • Piloted Blackboard Collaborate
  • Collected Essays in Learning and Teaching journal (CELT), now has online management system, about 60,000 downloads per month.
  • None identified (though some in previous section are new!)
  • Revising mission and mandate
  • New Office of Open Learning -- uncertain what its relation to CTL will be.

Last year, we tried a simple form. Scroll down for the results... They are a bit prettier now (Alpha by institution/ independent).

I've also highlighted the advice needed/ advice to give where it looked to me like people could already help people! And I added a highlight colour to items that might be addressed by our optional workshop at day's end.

UWO asked to have this 2-pager posted as well. If anyone else would like to archive anything here... ask me! --t

COED updates 2010

Advice needed?
Advice to give
Brock U (Giulia Forsythe)
New Director, Barry W.K. Joe joined CTLET. For the first time, this role will sit on Senior Administrative Council with VPAs
Developing an elearning plan that aligns with institutional strategic plan and provincial directions
Access Copyright, Contact North (may be covered at Dir Mtg- Nov19); Differentiation thoughts?

Carleton U (Maggie Cusson)
teaching certificate in Rwanda, instructional designers for online courses, TA mentorship program
taking on new projects (not meant to be whiny, just realistic)
doing more with less - how to prioritize small but meaningful programs vs. larger initiatives
find/share effective solutions for faculty/TAs where possible - free software and online tutorials vs. costly software & inhouse workshops
Dence, Carole (Higher Ed Research/ Projects)
3M Fellowship Consulting; Research Project “Making Teaching Count at Selected Canadian Universities”; AHED-UPESED Registry Project Rwanda

Durham C (Ruth Rodgers)
We "disentangled" from UOIT, and now serve Durham College exclusively. New name Centre for Academic and Faculty Enrichment (C.A.F.E.)
Resourcing increasing demand while losing staff
Changing PD formats to meet changing market needs
E-learning object creation-we've had some interesting projects
Georgian C
Hiring a new Instructional Designer;
Demands for online courses
Online Course Development models
Take a long term approach to all faculty development efforts (online learning, integrating technology, assessment strategies)
Advice needed?
Advice to give
U of Guelph (Janet Wolstenholme)
We have just started a community of Practice on grp work. Curriculum support has been on the increase and the graduate passport is a success

Humber ITAL (Theresa Steger)
The School of Health Sciences has an active Scholarship Work in Progress Committee whose mandate it is to advance Scholarship (Boyer)
A welcome challenge of connecting our work, without overlap, with the renewed Office of Teaching and Learning
Research related to teaching in higher education based on passion and professional strengths
Influencing the culture (community of learners) is important in addition to influencing pedagogical knowledge and skill
Lakehead U (Rhonda Koster)
Have hired a full time director and (very) part-time coordinator.
New to job, so everything is a challenge!! :) Trying to figure out how the centre can be relevant to faculty/instructors at the institution.
How have others determined their services and programs in relationship to their 'clients' (faculty/instructors & administration) needs?

McMaster U
publication of three new teaching and learning resources - one for faculty; one for TAs; and one for those researching T&L
tremendous interest from non-traditional partners in T&L initiatives on campus (i.e., resources & novel approaches)
mechanisms to formally value & recognize T&L professional development for faculty & for TAs
Balance what you can do with what you want to do and with what has the greatest impact
UOIT (Maureen Wideman)
Took over all aspects of faculty development from our previous shared service model. Saw expansion of responsibilities - increase dept. size
Ensuring we could meet the needs of faculty around teaching & learning, technology, course development, etc.
Teaching certificates for TAs
Development of process for creating online courses.
Queen’s U (Denise Stockley)
Lecture Capturing, NSERC-CREATE grant, Curriculum Redesign/IQAP
Lack of people resources to deal with the increased demands.
Coping strategies for the increased demands and limited resources

Ryerson U (Paola Borin)
John Paul Foxe is our new Educational Developer. Five new Teaching Chairs, New Professional Development in Teaching for Graduate Students
Defining a curriculum strategy for the university

Advice Needed?
Advice to Give?
Saint-Paul U (Andre Seguin)
hire of first distance and continuing coordinator

creation of online and continuing education programs
U Toronto (Pam Gravestock)
1. Course Evaluation Framework initiative; 2. HEQCO research project re: TAs; 3. PATH Conference; 4. CTSI secondments.
Setting boundaries for our work (with our expanded mandate and office - a challenge and an opportunity)
What creative ways are other centres using to address increasing demands from faculty for individual consultations?
With the restructuring of our office, we had to rethink a lot of the approaches we take to our work -allowing us to be more creative.
Trent U
- Initiated and coordinated the first Trent University - Fleming College conference on teaching with technology.
Institutional financial deficit resulting in a reduction to the operating and staffing budgets.

U Waterloo (Donna Ellis)
Secured new position for curriculum work (welcome Veronica!), OND conference (2 days in 2011), strategic plan developed
Keeping up with the demand for curriculum support
Sustainable, meaningful models for assessing the impact of our work and how to engage students (and faculty) with increasingly large classes
Figure out what to stop doing!
U Western Ontario (Judy Purves)
3 HEQCO grants (impact of programs on faculty & grad student dev); STLHE's CJSoTL launch; ISW/FDW; Teaching Squares; see wiki for more
-budget cuts; new senior administration
How to get buy-in from administration re: SoTL; advice on equipment purchases (e.g. camera types for microteaching); invited speaker ideas
- mentoring program
Wilfrid Laurier U (Jeanette McDonald)
-started three new communities of practice- hiring a new curriculum person to support program reviews/devts-exploring lecture capture technologies to adopt at Laurier-eportfolio pilot-grad advising project complete - sharing fdbk-exploring cert. program for graduate students with Grad Studies/Student Affairs
Finding a cloning solution so my colleagues and I can duplicate ourselves to get all the work done that comes our way! Seriously, trying to orchestrate appropriate growth in our centre - what are they and who do we need in what role to make that happen. Finding appropriate mechanism to reach ppl and get those there that you want there.
Less so advice, but a question. Ok a few questions. Does your centre/position specifically value and support individual SOTL/SOED work? How do you integrate SOTL/SOED into your practice? If SOTL/SOED is not formally a part of your job, how do you fit it in if you choose to?
Revision and refocus - do those things well that mean the most and have the greatest impact. (I'm just starting this process now - wish me luck!)
U Windsor (Michael K. Potter)
First cohort through UTC, 93 workshops with attendance up 40%, 1,100 instructors now using LMS, culture changing
Coping with the overwhelming, and ever-growing amount of work we have to do while fending off vicious attacks from certain faculty.
Deflecting attacks by disgruntled faculty who aren't interested in finding out what we actually do.
Systematize your work into rigorous program-length offerings and get external validation/review!
Advice Needed?
Advice to give