Agenda (finalised Nov 11 2010)

9:30 Arrival, coffee, light snacks
10:00 Welcome to new members, new Chair (Michael Potter) and new Chair-Elect (Carol Miles)
10:10 Centre updates activity
10:50 Report from STLHE and EDC (Nicola Simmons)
11:10 Reports from working groups (inform)
11:40 Suggestions for ways to operate working groups, collaborate regionally, communicate with national and international organisations
12:00 lunch
13:00 Q&A regarding COU initiatives and requests for our support (Peter Gooch and Erica Simmons, COU; Karen Nicholson, McMaster)
13:45 Responding to COU and other work -- Working Groups (reform)
14:00 Working Groups (perform)
14:45 Working Groups (inform)
15:15 Other business and next steps
15:25 Adjournment of main business
15:30 Optional workshop: Shrinking Budgets, Increasing Demands (a discussion on doing more with less) - Ros Woodhouse, York University and colleagues
16:30 End of optional workshop