Parking Lot

  • Teaching “Certificate for Faculty”
  • Ideas for moving SOTL on campus
  • Post Doc information
  • TA Certificate
  • Resources for sessionals
  • Models for university wide course evaluation system
  • Diversity training
  • Funding with other universities (joint proposals)
  • Budget cuts/freeze

New Initiatives

Orientation website for new faculty, Orientation checklists for new faculty
Contact me for the link –

UWindsor starting ISW’s – Erika Kustra

A new website highlighting teaching excellence – supported/developed by the university’s marketing and communications office – to balance the information provided on excellence in research (Trent U)

Curriculum tools
  • Annual renewal
  • Mapping
  • Repository
  • Training
  • (Chris)

Online marking using tablets

  • Advanced Teaching Practice Program (grad students)
  • Language of Teaching in Engineering

Skills and abilities: self assessment web site (Chris)

  • Increase GA/TA support
  • Developing new certificate
  • Developing awards
    • Michael Potter, Betsy Keating
  • Planning faculty certificate
  • Visiting fellows
  • Support for international faculty
    • Erika Kustra

Instructional Skills Workshop -- Trevor and Nicola, UWaterloo

UGuelph (Peter, Fred, Natasha, Janet)
  • Curriculum mapping software
  • Certificate (diploma?) Program for Faculty in Teaching
  • College of ArtsTeaching Practicum – Collaborative Dept. Specific “Grad Student Teaching Cert”
  • Teaching and Learning circles

  • ISW (Instructional Skills Workshop) Facilitator Retreat June 3-7th 2009 Paris, ONT

Survey, learning community
Rationalizing learner outcomes and curriculum with the university’s mission statement that we educate students who will have leadership and critical thinking skills and a sense of social and environmental responsibility – also asking if these are being accomplished through service learning

SOTL one day symposium May 6, 2009 (open to all) Nicola, UW

Use of UDLES as centre piece for self-study for departments under review

Rolling out own ISW Dec 8-10
Elaine Frankel

Check out UWO new “360” (grad Prof Development website) lots of resources – Deb UWO

Check out UWO website for the download of purple guide on “Graduate Supervision” – Deb Dawson UWO

Request, Tips, Suggestions

Online registration system suggestions – what works well? What advice would you give? – Donna @ UW

Suggestions re: internal centre communications – what works well? – Donna @ UW

Suggestions for speaker for Kesarwani endowed lecture – C. Dence UofO

Can we PLEASE stop talking about the constitution @ all of these meetings – it’s been 6 years and wastes time!

UWO PhD Dissertation neted (??) on Wiki
Any forthcoming publications?
Can we see some prelim results
Jennifer Boman (sp?) – email @ Western

Rhetorical/Marketing strategies for T+L Centre events – anything particularly innovative and effective?

Requests – more info on how EDOs are using UUDLES as a framework for various initiatives – Eileen, Mount A

TA/GA Awards Program
Wanting to discuss with those who already have such a program in place – concerns – balancing central admin. And local (faculty) needs – how to make it part of a student’s professional and pedagogical development
Chris Cachia, Ryerson

Great Presenter
John Draper
Building inclusive and accessible communities

Maggie (Carleton)
Language support for faculty (that perhaps goes beyond teaching)

Moving SOTL initiatives forward on campus
Nicola, UW

STLHE 2010 June 23-26
Co-hosts Ryerson and Ontario College of Art and Design

What to do with postdocs in disciplines? Trevor - UWaterloo

Looking for info about teaching skills certificates for TA/GA
Betsy Keating, University of Windsor

Talk to Trevor about grad supervision as a form of pedagogy
Matt – Ryerson,

Syl. Templates and guidelines for inclusive course construction
Cleo Boyd,

Western has a TA certificate program
Nanda has a list of 10 certif. program details US/Canada – Waterloo too

TA Certificate Program – U of T has one
Janice Pattereson, UT Scarborough

Wendy Hardman – UOIT
Sessional instructors – dev, support information orientation

Concern: programming for TAs (other than workshops...) alternatives!

Looking for resources, tips, other models for a new initiative – “Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and learnig in Higher Ed”
For faculty
Guelph, Peter

Ryerson – Inclusive Education Simulation being developed to make faculty aware of inclusive learning environments – Elaine Frankel

Maggie (Carleton)
ISW – central resources of dates, facils, training

I am an ISW/DSW facilitator – Ruth Rodgers, DC/UOIT

Recent experience with on-line course evaluation
I? Karioyo ? (contact)

How many ISW facilitators and trainers are around
Trevor Holmes, UWaterloo

New collaborations – how to blend newbies with power with veterans with less power and more knowledge and experience

Are we thinking through the reasons behind our adoption/promotion of new technologies and considering the implications they have for messages we’re communicating to faculty and students about best practices in teaching and learning?

Diversity workshop ideas and resources
Sandy – WLU

I am looking for examples of mentoring programs for faculty; if you are willing to share your program and hand out material that might be used in the development of our program, I would appreciate learning from you
Janice MacMillan,


Responding to the proposed information and communications standards of the ADDA by the deadline CONCERN
What is ADDA?

Some libraries want to take over the T + L mandate at our centres – Paola, McMaster

How can you motivate PART TIME faculty to attend development activities? – Chris Hinton, DC/UOIT

Too great a focus on technology – as if there is an option!

Concern – sustainability of programs/services in current financial context – Eileen, Mount A.

Tips for managing ED centres in a recession – Peter, Guelph
Look at taking advantage of Work Study program

Concern – I’m only one/ budget hiring freeze – Nicola, UW

Maureen @ Brock – shift from pride in teaching to coasting on our laurels and moving the emphasis to research and “growth”...esp. graduate programs – concerns/parking lot

Ryerson – resources for working with graduate faculty

Academic integrity esp. in online environment
See York University’s Academic Integrity Office; Univ. Of Indiana has great info
See Ryerson’s AI site, great stuff!