Meeting of the Council of Ontario Educational Developers
November 14, 2008
Ryerson University, 10:00 – 3:00


10:00 Meeting was called to order.
Paola Borin (McMaster) led us through a resource sharing and questions exercise. Results to be typed up at U Waterloo the week of Nov 17, 2008.

11:00 Discussion of the Constitution and Governance plan for COED. Chaired by Trevor Holmes.
After specific changes to the Constitution and clarifications on several questions including comments from the eLearning interest group (updated version is at [[|]] ), the Constitution as amended was adopted unanimously (37-0-3 with 3 abstentions being from self-identified guests). Chair and Chair-elect to be voted on early in 2009. “Past Chair” position to be filled for one year thereafter by a volunteer “collective” of those who have played a leadership role in the organisation.

Following discussion during which governance model 1 was accepted, the following motion came forward:
That Trevor Holmes lead us through the process of elections in early 2009 as Interim Chair, with the provision that such activity not prevent him from being nominated or self-nominating for a position in the election. Moved: Nicola Simmons. Seconded: Paola Borin. Vote called by Joy Mighty. Carried unanimously (39-0-1 with one abstention by the person named in the motion).

12:00 Meeting recessed for Lunch

1:00 Meeting reconvened for discussion of HEQCO funding and NSSE projects (Nicola Simmons, Erika Kustra)

2:15 Discussion on Univ/College collaboration. Trevor Holmes, Ruth Rodgers, Janice MacMillan and Chris HInton).
The group requested that the EDC Executive consider adding links to various related regional groups (such as COED, the Atlantic group, and the BC group) on the main EDC website, both in order to provide outreach, and to clarify the relationships among the various discussion lists. In addition, a link to the TA developers’ group could be added. Those present from the Colleges agreed to use their contacts to various college groups to invite more college participation in COED.

Announcements regarding upcoming events were shared:

1. EDC Conference at Durham College, Oshawa Feb 23-25 2009
2. McMaster hosts Graham Gibbs Dec 9, 1 p.m. contact Paola Borin or visit Also Peter Carr Keynote Dec 11/12 (check wiki update for accurate info). Ros W suggests Gibbs’ article in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (first issue). Ros follows up with this reference:
  • The link to the article with background to Graham Gibbs' work on assessment is at -- Gibbs, G. and Simpson, C. (2004). Conditions Under Which Assessment Supports Students' Learning. Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, 1, 3-31.
  • FYI: You can find their Assessment Experience Questionnaire at
  • We encourage faculty to use it to self-assess their plans for student assessment in our Course Design Institutes. Faculty tell us that it helps them to think of their assessment in an integrated way and to identify issues for future development. As a bonus, it's a great way to demonstrate the potential value of well-designed self-assessment tasks!
3. Queen’s: Dec 1, 7-8 p.m. Tom Russell (“Why is it so hard to change?”) plus T/L symposium Dec 2, 9-3.
4. HERDSA conference in Darwin Australia July 2009: The Student Experience (George Kuh keynote)
5. Dalhousie late April, George Kuh at T/L conference
6. Windsor/Oakland: Chris Knapper & Joy Mighty May 13/14 (tbc await further info from Erika Kustra)
7. ICED 2010 is in Barcelona. Trevor suggests that this is a very worthwhile group
8. Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CJSoTL) launches as early as this spring; it will be soliciting articles in January, according to Deb Dawson. If you want further information about the journal you can contact Ken Meadows from Western who is the managing editor; the journal editors are Dianne Bateman and Dieter Schonwetter. Trevor reminds us that the International Journal for Academic Development (IJAD) also accepts our work.

3:00 Meeting adjourned; optional World Café on competencies for educational developers begins (to 4:30)

Submitted November 17, 2008
Prepared by Ruth Rodgers and Trevor Holmes